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Updated: 22/09/2023
The latest round of updates for the Canberra Raiders for the ORL Database for our 2024 season.

Our primary focus throughout this round of updates was on the attacking > General Kicking (Kick) > Goal Kicking (gkick) statistics.
This was to provide a more accurate reading on players attack, both statistically (tries scored, tackle busts + metres gained pre & post contact), and to ensure the playmakers were represented with their kicking abilities. We also noticed throughout our continued testing that for certain teams the main goal kicker was not taking the shots and therefore have made changes to the gkick stats through out the teams to ensure each primary goal kicker stands out with back up options based on players ability from career kicking success rate that we could find.

As usual we invite you all to use this thread to discuss any changes to a players rating you think need to be made to better represent the player within our simulated world.
I know it’s hard rating players and everyone is going to have their own interpretations (especially if they are a fan of a certain club) but for the areas you have said you have focused on I think these are on par?!

To be fair and upfront I am not the biggest follower of the Raiders so some of the ‘unknowns’ may be way off the mark?
My thoughts:
Chevy hasn't played first grade has he? - 6/5/6/6/5
Horse - 8/9/1/1/6
CHN - ?? 6/7/1/1/6
Levi - 6/7
Rapana - 9/6/6/6/5
Savage - 7/5
Strange - 6/5