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Online Rugby League

Welcome to The Grandstand Forums - this is where effectively the bulk of our brand new competition the Online Rugby League will operate. Over the past couple weeks we have been bouncing a number of ideas backwards and forwards as we attempt to rejuvenate the simulator rugby league world with the launch of our competition.

As such instead of having all of our little part posts, and idea threads everywhere we wanted to try and combine it/ condense it - in order to provide all potential coaches for the 2024 place all of the current information, where feedback is also welcomed to help further establish our competition moving forward.

The Season
The idea behind the 2024 Online Rugby League is to strip everything back to basics. These type of games have been going for decades, the simulator we were using last had its major overhaul in 2003 (to give you some idea), over those years coaches have wanted more control over their team, for the game to be more in-depth meaning when they take out the Premiership the winning coach knows he has not only had the better team, but strategical game plan throughout the entire season.

While that has created a whole new level for the games at the time, the truth of the matter is not everyone has hours to spend on their team day in, day out. People are time poor now, whether it be work, family life or anything else commanding your attention. Which is why one of the main proposals of the 2024 season is the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Silly) where once teams have their players consists of naming your team line up and tactics weekly.

Starting with such a basic competition will provide the Online Rugby League plenty of space to grow each season. Without scaring new & potentially new coaches away by how in-depth and time consuming the competition looks.

It is in the attempt to attract new coaches, and develop a new long lasting competition for everyone to enjoy that it has been proposed:
  • A maximum of 12 teams competing in the inaugural Online Rugby League Premiership.​
  • Each team plays each other once.​
  • Top 4 Qualify for Finals series.​
To improve the visual spectacle that we hope to make the Online Rugby League for the general public team monikers will be designed, with an associated logo which will be used on the ladder/draw and other areas around the website to further promote the game, the competition and the results of the Premiership as we continue to simulate our season.

Prize Pool
In an effort to encourage coaches from previous competitions to return, while introducing new coaches to the Premiership the Online Rugby League (ORL) have a prize pool attached to their inaugural season.

These include:
  • $200 Gift Card - Premiership Winning Coach.
  • $100 Gift Card - Runner Up Coach.
  • $50 Gift Card - ORL Spirit; awarded to the person who embraced the competition, wrote some articles or otherwise became immersed in our created ORL world.
  • $50 Gift Card - For a coach/person who helped promote the ORL, get more eye balls on our screens and more people generally involved.
Player Pool
With the simulator being used for such a large period of time the Database that became associated with it became massive, with Rugby League (and some Union) players from across the world added, players long retired and general bloatness the plan from the Online Rugby League is to bring the Player Pool back to the 17 NRL sides and their Top 30 rosters, with a view of building on the Player Pool from 2024 on.

As such we recently released our proposed Player Pool.
At this point those ratings are not finalised - they were what was in the Database, players were just moved into their 2024 squads.
Player ratings were going to be looked into following the 2023 NRL Grand Final before being presented for feedback prior to locking them in for the inaugural season.

This is where things currently stand at the moment. The ORL invite you to share your ideas, feedback below - we will soon be stepping up the recruiting process.