Best/Worst Buys for your club!


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With the 2023 wrapping up, and all eyes ahead on 2024 thought I’d ask the question of who the best and worst buys for your club this season was - and who you are looking forward to seeing next year (if anyone).

As a Titans supporter for me I’d have to say worst buy was Kruise Leeming. Don’t get me wrong I rate him but with Sam Verrills, Eric Clarke, Chad Randall and Tanah Boyd who had all played there I saw this as a waste - then he wasn’t used until the season was well and truly gone and then released to go back to the Super League - just seemed a wasted roster space, wasted opportunity and a waste of a player who could add a spark when needed.

Best signing for 2023 - Foz, Kieran Foran despite his age the Titans looked more composed and had more direction when he was on the field. Did everything he try payoff? No! But that’s sport.

I am looking forward to Des Hasler next year. Titans coaches seem too buddy buddy and I hope he will install some mongrel in them.