Apologies - Bring on 2024


Staff member
Apologies to all - I have been in hospital & rehab the last couple months due to a neck injury.

I am back, loaded the sim and databases on the laptop "just in case" and now that there have been many player movements in the NRL world ahead of the upcoming 2024 season I will quickly spend the next day or two going through updating the database with a view of re-releasing it this weekend for us to look at and provide feedback on.

Again please accept my apologies, will also update forums/website etc over these days with news/updates etc get it all ready!

Let's aim to have some fun, even if just for nostalgia. We know Supercoach is so much quicker and easier, a few clicks of the button, jump in have a season of fun; lets not see if we can make some new friends, have some laughs enjoy the on-field footy (and the banter than goes along with it) while also putting our best armchair coaching tactics to the test.

Whose in? Spread the word!