2 - Premiership Guidelines


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New Coaches
All new coaches in the Online Rugby League (ORL) must’ve completed two-steps prior to being accepted into the premiership. These two requirements are:

All coaches must fill out an Application Form,
All coaches must have an account on our Grandstand Forums.

Coach Termination
Coaches may be terminated from their role if they fall under any of the following categories:

Coaches have failed to submit Team Orders for three (3) consecutive weeks – without prior notice.
Coaches have been removed due to violation of game or community guidelines/rules.
Coaches have brought the Online Rugby League (ORL) or their team into disrepute.

ORL Premiership


For the 2024 ORL Premiership all clubs will consist of pre-designed club monikers. Coaches will have the ability to determine the geographical location, team colours and the name of their home stadium.

All teams have a salary cap of $9Million. Each side must consist of 27-players.

The base salary for any player contracted to a club is $120,000.

Player Contracts, Extensions & Restrictions
In order to ensure quality player turn over the Online Rugby League have introduced restrictions on contracts.

Of the 27 players in a squad:
A maximum of 10 players are permitted to be contracted to a club at any one time.

A maximum of 10 players are permitted to be contracted to a club at any one time.

Seven, or more, players are permitted to be contracted to a club at any one time.

Contract Extensions
A team may extend a maximum of four players at the completion of their final contracted season. Contract extensions must be announced by midday the day PRIOR to Contract Bidding for the following season commencing.

Contract Bidding / Player Pool
Prior to the commencement of each Premiership season the Online Rugby League (ORL) will open Contract Bidding for all players who have come off contract from their previous club.

Coaches have until midday the day prior to Contract Bidding opening to extend their maximum of four players.

A Player Pool that consists of ALL players available to be signed will be released as Contract Bidding officially opens. Coaches are then able to fill their playing roster by attempting to sign off contracted players.

Contract Bidding
To bid on a player coaches must go to the Contracts & Trading part of The Grandstand Forums and make a new thread using the Players Name as the Title.

In the case of two threads being started results will be determined on the thread that was first started. It is the responsibility of bidders to ensure they are posting in the right thread for the player.

The thread must include:
Players Name
Financial Offer
Contract Length

Contract Bids must be an increased financial offer of at least $10,000