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  1. ThePeoplesDude

    PF1 - Penrith Panthers vs. Melbourne Storm

    Wow I really thought it would be closer. Is this the end of a Melbourne streak? Like they only just snuck into the finals and seem to have struggled each week - next year should be interesting, especially with Craig Bellamy heading towards the end of his coaching reign.
  2. ThePeoplesDude

    Best/Worst Buys for your club!

    With the 2023 wrapping up, and all eyes ahead on 2024 thought I’d ask the question of who the best and worst buys for your club this season was - and who you are looking forward to seeing next year (if anyone). As a Titans supporter for me I’d have to say worst buy was Kruise Leeming. Don’t...
  3. ThePeoplesDude

    Dad Jokes - Let’s Share them!

    What are some of your favourite Dad Jokes? One my dad sent me this morning - to use on my boys (apparently) was: My obese parrot died this morning. Sad moment but a weight off my shoulders!
  4. ThePeoplesDude

    Ratings Discussion Canberra Raiders - Ratings Discussion

    I know it’s hard rating players and everyone is going to have their own interpretations (especially if they are a fan of a certain club) but for the areas you have said you have focused on I think these are on par?! To be fair and upfront I am not the biggest follower of the Raiders so some of...
  5. ThePeoplesDude

    Ratings Discussion Brisbane Broncos - Rating Discussion

    Jordan Riki 6 in attack? Maybe an 8ish.
  6. ThePeoplesDude

    Logan Lions granted ORL license

    Logan Lions granted ORL License The City of Logan, situated halfway between the two major cities of the Gold Coast and Brisbane, has something else to look forward to come 2024 after being granted a license to be one of just twelve inaugural teams participating in the Online Rugby League...
  7. ThePeoplesDude

    Movies that entertain

    Okay this could be my "Old Grumpy side" coming out - but movies now go for like 3 hours, in the last hour at least there are usually three or four times the movie could've come to an end yet somehow they continue to drag it, plus it seems now EVERY movie needs to have a post credit scene. Take...
  8. ThePeoplesDude

    Player Movement 2024 NRL Player Movements

    2024 NRL PLAYER MOVEMENTS Oh yes Player Movements! This is where the silly-season begins with players released as teams look to improve on poor results throughout another premiership campaign while some higher placed teams begin to lose some valued players. Here is a list of current player...
  9. ThePeoplesDude

    PF2 - Brisbane Broncos vs. New Zealand Warriors

    I don't have much as just registered and started posting. Put my couple of $$ on the Warriors for the upset what it could do for Rugby League in New Zealand - especially with the All Blacks somewhat struggling would be momentous!